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Google I/O attendees will get a free LG G Watch

During Google I/O Developers will get a free LG G watch running Google’s new wearable operation system called Android Wear, according to Android Authority. During the event both the LG G Watch and Moto 360 will be officially revealed even though we have already seen videos from both of the devices, during the announcement we also expect to hear more information regarding the price and official release date of the devices.

Google will most likely give away the devices to encourage developers to create apps for them as apps that previously worked on Android will have to get modified to be able to work together with the smartwatch, this isn’t the first time that Google gives away free stuff during its I/O Conference, last year it gave a Chromebook Pixel with LTE to more then 6.000 attendees

Google I/O will take place June 25 and June 26, you can find more information here