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Meet the Moto 360 the first Android Wear smartwatch from Motorola

Motorola has just introduced its new Smartwatch running on Google’s recently announced Android Wear operation system. The round smartwatch will be Motorola’s first and is without a doubt one of the better looking smartwatches out there, specially compared to the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear lineup of smartwatches.

The device features a round display and metal casing and will be available with a metal band or a rubber band globally in the summer of 2014. Here is the introduction video:


As of now little about the specs or the price of the device is known, but we do know that it will first launch in the US and later to other countries. We have put together a gallery featuring some images of the new smartwatch:


Moto 360 running on Android Wear OS

The announcement of the device wasn’t a coincidence as it happened on the same day Google revealed its smartwatch OS called Android Wear i mean, what is an operation system without hardware, right?

Android Wear is what will be powering the device and as shown in the video bellow works great on round devices. Since the OS is optimized for being used on small displays it has 3 main features that make the OS so powerful:

  • Showing suggestions when you need them: One of the things that makes the OS so powerful is that it will know what you need when you need it, Android Wear supports a great variety of Apps that will keep you informed of the latest news regarding tech (wink wink), social networks and many more, all these come in a notification form that has been optimized to show only the essential information you need.
  • The power of Google Now: Like mentioned in this article we posted several months back, Android Wear is all about Google Now, similar to Google Glass you can ask the device any question just by saying “ok Google”
  • Control your smartphone: Play music, videos, send a message or even take a call. Android Wear on the Moto 360 will allow you to do just that and even supports third party apps so you might be able to send a tweet from your smartwatch.

Here is the Android Wear preview video showing off the device, interface, how the system works and what you will be able to do with it