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3 Best free Google play Music Alternative

Android comes with a lot of stock apps and one of them its the Google Play Music app, a simple app that allows you to listen to music that you have downloaded or purchased via the Google Play store. But if you listen to music a lot (like i do) you might have noticed that there are several features that the stock app doesn’t have, something that can be quiet annoying. Lets take a look at 3 alternatives you can use instead.

1. MixZing Music Player

It is plain and simple the best alternative. The easy to use interface and handy features like setting a song as ringtone or look up lyrics and information about the artist of the song on Wikipedia or youtube from the app makes it the perfect music app. It also has a similar feature to the one on iOS called “Genius” creating playlist of similar songs. Check it out on the Play Store here

 2. N7player

N7 player

All though second on our list, it is definitely worth checking out since it is a close call between the number 1 and number 2 and it really goes down to personal preferences. The N7 player plays pretty much any file format imaginable, has a good looking interface, customizable lock screen, integration with our number 3 app on the list for lyrics and one of my favorite features: Automatic album art cover download. Check it out on the Play Store here

3. MusiXMatch Music Player Lyrics

musixmatch app

If you love singing songs along, then you must check out MusiXMatch an app that shows you the lyrics to any song. It does require internet connection and isn’t as easy to use as our Number 1 on the list but is definitely the best app for listening to music and automatically getting the lyrics of a song. Check it out on the Play Store here