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10 most awesome and best wallpaper for Nexus 6

Google’s new Nexus 6 isn’t just the most expensive Nexus device yet it is also the biggest one featuring a massive 5.9inch display with a a resolution of 2560 × 1440 and a 496ppi screen the Nexus might be the smartphone with the most advanced display ever. Of course, with this and Android Lollipop’s material design it is time for a new HD wallpaper that fits this new design and device. Lets take a look at the 10 best wallpapers for your new Nexus 6

10 most awesome and best wallpaper for Nexus 6

1. G3 Wallpaper (download)

G3 Wallpaper for Galaxy Note 4

2. Simple cloud (Download)

Simple Cloud Nexus 6 wallpaper

3. Iron Man takeoff (Download)

Iron Man Wallpaper Nexus 6

4. Rainbow Tiles (Download)

Rainbow tiles Galaxy note 4 wallpaper

5. Tokyo at Night (download)

City at Night wallpaper

6. Colored Rain drops wallpaper (download)

Colored Rain drops Wallpaper Nexus 6


7. Bay Scenery Wallpaper (Download)

Bay scenery Nexus 6 wallpaper


8. White Tiger stare (Download)

White Tiger Nexus 6 wallpaper


9. Glorious Master PC Race wallpaper (Download)

Master PC race wallpaper nexus 6


10. “Relax, Bro” Iron Man (Download)

Relax Bro iron man nexus 6