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10 Best new Twitter profile images (2014 edition)

Popular Social Network Twitter has recently updated its profile design, now enabling users to have a 1500×500 image as header (similar to Google Plus). We previously wrote about how Twitter was testing this new design but now that it is live and your old header image doesn’t look good any more, what are some new cool header images i can use? you might be asking. Well, we have found 10 awesome new Twitter headers that meet the required resolution and look awesome on your new profile! Tip: Click on the “full resolution” link to get the 1500×500 version of the image.

1. Singapore during New Year (full resolution)

2. New York (full resolution)

new york twitter header

3. Myalup Beach (full resolution)

myalup beach

4. Abstract Lion (full resolution)

5. USA (full resolution)

6. ‘Murica! (full resolution)

7. Cute Cat (full resolution)

8. funny batman (full resolution)

9. space (full resolution)

10. Family Guy (full resolution)