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New 3D rendering of iPhone 6 leaked from Foxconn

Chinese news website Wei Feng has just leaked images which are supposed to originate from Foxconn. The images show 3D renderings of the upcoming Apple flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6.

According to the images, the iPhone 6 will feature rounded corners (similar to the iPad mini and iPad Air design), thinner bezel and overall thinner design. The renderings, if accurate, confirm the previous rumor of Apple moving the power button to the right side of the device, the Dual LED flash is now round and the camera slightly bigger, most likely to be able to fit the new rumored 10-megapixel camera.

iphone 6 3D rendering

iphone 6 side

iphone 6 side powerbutton

iphone 6 front

It has been rumored for some time now that the upcoming iPhone will indeed feature a larger display, the rumored sizes are 4.5 and a larger 5.0 inch display. What do you think about the power button being on the right side? Let us know in a comment!

Source : Wei feng

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  • broadbean

    Much better than the power button on the wrong side.

  • Merckel

    Let’s hope the cutouts for the antenna are illustrative only and not part of the overall design.

    • almost 100% certain these are illustrative and not part of the design .. atleast i hope so