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Raspberry introduces the new Raspberry Pi Model B+

After the success of the Raspberry Pi, the company has now introduced a new $35 Credit Card sized computer which features huge improvements over its predecessor and it is called the Raspberry Pi Model B+.

Model B+ raspberry pi

The new device is currently already available and you can purchase it at one of the two certified Raspberry Pi sellers. All though the Raspberry Pi Model B+ still has just 512MB of RAM, it now also has:

  • 40 PIN GPIO (located at the top of the board)
  • 4 USB Ports instead of 2 (located at the right)
  • New “push push” Micro SD slot (located at the right)

Improvements made to the device are the following:

  • Neater form factor: The USB and audio jack have been moved from place
  • Better audio: A new Low-Noise dedicated power supply should improve the audio quality of the device
  • Low Power Consumption: Between 1W and 0.5W of lower power consumption has been accomplished by replacing linear regulators with switches

Raspberry Pi Model B+

Other specs of the device haven’t changed much, like mentioned previously it still features just 512MB of RAM, 700 MHz ARM11 processor and a Broadcom Video Core IV graphics. Don’t forget to check out the official introduction video fo the device: