Whatsapp Plus 6.76 APK – Use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned

After WhatsApp started banning Whatsapp Plus users and the creator officially announced the death of WhatsApp Plus it didn’t look well for the very popular alternative app for WhatsApp. Several methods have been found to get unbanned from Whatsapp the new WhatsApp Plus 6.76 APK will allow you to use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned in the future.

Whatsapp Plus 6.76 APK – Use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned

WhatsApp Plus 6.76 can only be installed by downloading the 14MB .apk file here in order to install it, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Go to WhatsApp and back up your conversations
  2. Uninstall the official Whatsapp app
  3. Download and install the WhatsAppPlus6.76.apk file and install it
  4. Enter your phone number and continue
  5. Click on the “restore” button
  6. Once done, you have successfully installed Whatsapp Plus

For those interested, here is the MD5 Checksum: B90DAF41B30E5F5AFFBDA4746FF3B332

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