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Best New Releases for Gadget Fans This Autumn

When you love new tech, you are always looking for the latest gadgets and devices to hit the market.  Often these are from big name companies such as the latest Apple iPhone or the newest model of the Samsung smartphone.  It might be a big purchase such as a desktop computer or a laptop.  But many times, it is something smaller and more unusual that will catch your eye and inspire a purchase.  So what are some of the new releases for gadget fans this autumn to treat yourself or even plan early for Christmas?

Cloud Eye – Smallest Live Camera

Taking photos has become an integral part of our lives and many of us use our smartphone cameras on an almost daily basis to record our lives.  Sharing to social media and saving memories is a very important thing but there are times when the size of the modern smartphone is actually a hindrance, not a benefit.  That’s where the world’s smallest live camera comes in – the Cloud Eye.

The Cloud Eye doesn’t fit into any existing category of camera easily because it is something new.  It features remote control and a two megapixel optical glass lens as well as the ability to photograph in 1080P HD.  It has access to cloud storage to avoid concerns about storage space within the small device and also has a micro USB connection point.  You can easily upload your images straight to social media from the associated smartphone app, just as you would with any other device.

The camera physically is an impressive little device – it weighs only 20 grams and measures 1.5 cm x 1.5cm x 3.5 cm.  The case is made with environmentally friendly, flame retardant materials and uses a 0.15mm thick graphene layer for dissipation of heat.

Wenwen Smart Jewelry

Best New Releases for Gadget Fans This Autumn - 1


One of the complaints many women have had about smart watches and other wearables is that they can tend towards the bulky and masculine in their appearance.  And that’s fine for during the day or at the gym or while on a run.  But if you are going out for a meal, on a date or to a work function, a blocky and chunky watch isn’t going to do the job.  But that’s where the Wenwen smart jewelry range can help.

Smart jewelry takes the concept of smart watches and other wearables and apply them to attractive and stylish jewelry.  It combined fashion and aesthetical considerations with the practical benefits of wearable tech.  At the heart of the styles is a ceramic zircon chip that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and supports both an Apple iOS 8.0 and Android 5.0 or above system.

The first generation of this stylish new wearable can already do a number of crucial functions:

  • Call reminder – get a notification by flickering or vibrating when you have a call to your smartphone
  • Message reminder – you can have a vibration alert or a flickering light to let you know you have new messages
  • Send SOS messages – if you are concerned about something, you can send an SOS message through a pre-set number of clicks to notify your chosen person of your situation

The jewelry also offers some of the best wearable features such as shaking it to take a quick selfie and measure your steps with the pedometer feature to help with fitness tracking.  The jewelry takes 30 minutes to fully charge and has a 3-5-day standby time.  It is also IP68 water and dust resistant and comes with a tight coupling charger.

Gadget fan favorites

These two new devices show two of the varied developments that the gadget world has to offer this autumn.  These devices combined practical benefits with fun features to make them something that is both useful and also enjoyable to own.