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What is Android Silver? Everything you need to know

Over the past couple of days you might have heard about this new “silver program” from Google, we first heard about this new program from leaked screenshots (source: Android Police) in which we can see that Google is working on this mysterious new “Silver program” But what is Android Silver? When will it become available? What can i do with it?

The Silver Program

The first leaked images from Android Police show that “Silver” is the name of a new plan that Google will use to sell and advertise the best Android devices. Every mayor carrier will have a section in their store where Android Silver devices will be displayed, these devices have a series of features and advantages that non-silver devices don’t have, these features are exclusive to devices which are part of the Silver Program. Some of the advantages are the following:

  • Run on the latest Android version
  • Special support program (using Videochat)
  • Staff at stores will help you set up your device and transfer your data (Similar to Apple’s Genius bar)
  • If you lose or break your device, you will get a temporary replacement
  • Less bloatware
  • Reliable software updates
  • Upgrades to the latest Android version

As of now these are just a few of the many advantages devices part of the Android Silver program will have. Google will first target the US market and will spend as much as $1 Billion on advertising and getting manufacturers to join the Silver program.

Replacing the Nexus Brand

According to a report from The Information Google is not only working on a Silver program of which any manufacturer can be part if they meet the requirements, but it will also replace the Nexus brand which are Google’s own devices running Vanilla Android.

Several months back rumors emerged claiming Google will drop the Nexus brand  and this rumor seems to be true, at least part of it. The Nexus brand won’t disappear instead will be replaced by Android Silver devices, this means that anyone who buys a New Nexus device (or Android Silver device) will have all of the advantages mentioned earlier in this post.

Have any questions regarding Android Silver? Let us know in a comment bellow!