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We could see the CyanogenMod coming soon to the new Nokia X

The popular costum Android ROM CyanogenMod will soon become available on the very first Android running Nokia smartphone the Nokia X and Nokia X+, Australian android news website Ausdroid reports. Head Public Relations Liaison & Forum Administrator Abhisek Devkota made an interesting post on his personal Google Plus page saying “it looks very promising” as “Fastboot works just fine”

The Nokia X is one of the weirdest software experiences I have ever had

Let’s see what CM can do on this thing…’

All though he isn’t confirming the device is already running CM, they look eager to getting the custom ROM on the device as many different things annoyed Abhisek (and many others) about how the software has been implemented on the new device as he confirms in a comment:

The notification bar only comes down 50%. There is only 1 button: back. Long pressing back takes you home. I haven’t figured out out how to multitask. AFAIK the recent apps are only accessible from the home screen.

Fastboot appears to work fine, so just need root or kernel source and we can hack away.

Also, 90% sure its using CM recovery source.

Currently CyanogenMod is being used on more then 11 million devices and is Androids most popular custom ROM, which is even getting its own smartphone. It appears like the CM team is ready to “hack away” the big issue is the bootloader being unlocked but everything else seems to work just fine.