Upcoming Nexus 6 could be called Nexus X instead

According to new leaked images the upcoming Nexus smartphone from Google which originally was thought to be called the Nexus 6 might be renamed to Nexus X to avoid legal issues with the estate of Philip K Dick which book called ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (later turned into the movie BladeRunner) the model of replicants is called Nexus 6 in the story.

The image of the leaked “Nexus X” name was spotted on the official Fnac page which by mistake leaked info about an unannounced Motorola device (Motorola is expected to manufacture the upcoming Nexus device) the specs show are incredibly similar to previously leaked Nexus 6 specs. According to the page the device will retail for a price of 419.99€ during September of this year.

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