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Is Google really working on a Nexus Phablet?

Recent rumors claim that Google is working on a Nexus Phablet, but is it really? While we still don’t know for sure if LG will manufacture the upcoming Nexus smartphone rumors claim that Motorola has convinced Google to not only let them manufacture the new Nexus device but also create a 5.9-inch phablet.

The hardware which the device will feature (and goes by the codename of Shamu) is set to release in November and will feature a fingerprint scanner. All though nothing indicates that this device is a Nexus smartphone, the release date makes it very likely as Google is expected to launch its upcoming Android L operation system and new Nexus device around the same time.

5.9-inch too big or the new standard?

While previously smaller displays were “the bomb” it seems like consumers are now choosing bigger displays over smaller ones (Something that Apple has also noticed as the iPhone 6 will feature a much larger screen) most flagship smartphones currently feature a 5.5-inch display and it has started to become the norm.  While the Nexus Phablet rumor has been received badly by the community, so did the first smartphone with huge screens and they have eventually become standard, maybe 5.9-inch is just something we have to get used to? Let us know your thoughts!