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Ukraine Seized Servers But They Were Not Encrypted

What is one critical aspect in the world today? If you think about it, you will notice that many people in the developing and developed world will have access to food, healthcare, housing, and other key aspects at some level. But while economic conditions are either stagnating or growing at some meager level, individuals are finding that they have less and less of one critical aspect. 

What aspect do you think that is?

Well, if we were to think deeply about it, we would see that we are shifting to a more digital world. The physical world remains but we live largely in the virtual world. Our work is largely done within a virtual space and many of our moments awake are spent on devices.In such a world, privacy is one aspect that eludes many people. 

Why? You leave a digital footprint wherever you go and each company and the government, in some way, has information about you. It is important to have the right tools when browsing online for the best results and experiences. 

Now, know that this blog post will show that it is necessary to be safe, careful, and wise as you choose the right tools for your life.

But it can be disheartening when the tools themselves are compromised or not meeting their obligations. That is what happened in Ukraine. The government of Ukraine, through one of its many agencies, seized servers that were supposed to be encrypted, providing virtual private networks to customers. 

This shows the value of obtaining the right companies when obtaining virtual private network tools. Here is what you need to know about an incident where the company was not meeting its obligations. It opened people to risks.

Ukraine Seized Servers But They Were Not Encrypted - 1

The Windscribe Debacle

Windscribe is a privacy tools company, it offers a wide variety of tools and VPNs are one of them. That’s not news. What is news is that they noted they didn’t take the right steps to implement security measures with their VPN servers. Now, this is an astounding claim. You might wonder, if they didn’t do this basic protocol, then how are they calling themselves a privacy company?

But that is not the kicker. The kicker is that the Ukrainian government was able to take advantage of this lack of encryption, mirror the Windscribe servers and obtain the data moving through the actual Windscribe servers.

But what’s even worse is that one would expect more from Windscribe, it isn’t merely some firm located in the Aleutian islands or somewhere else. No, it is based in Ontario, Canada, a bustling hub of activity. But the servers themselves were hosted in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government was able to open an investigation, look at issues that took place in previous years, and conduct their operations, mostly unobstructed. The company did not have the defenses that were necessary to protect the privacy of its consumers.

So that meant that consumers that were on the network were thinking that they were fine when they were sitting on a proverbial Titanic.

Security and Simplicity is Paramount

The critical point here is to choose simplicity with your VPNs. Remember to go with a company that can help you with your VPN needs. You need one that will be trustworthy, reliable, and effective.