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Top 5 must have apps for your Google Glass

The Google Glass is Google’s new wearable technology gadget that will make life simpler, but Glass it self is very limited in its capabilities and relies on Apps for the awesome additional features and to make it compatible with all the other Apps you have on your smartphone to for example get notifications.

As of now there are a few Apps available for Google Glass and more will come once it goes out of beta and becomes available to everyone. So, what are the Top 5 must have Apps for Google Glass?

1. Crystal Shopper

Crystal Shopper is an awesome App developed by Lance Nanek that will scan barcodes on products and will tell you the product’s highest and lowest price, Amazon reviews and general information about the product. This app can be useful when for example you are looking to purchase something in a store and see if it can be purchased cheaper else where. You can download the App here

2. KitchMe

Not the best cook in the world? Well, KitchMe can help you out with just that, this little neat app will help you prepare a delicious meal showing you the different ingredients you need, and a step by step guide on how to prepare your meal. It also helps you choose on what to have for dinner tonight and relevant meals to the ones you are currently preparing. You can Download the App here

3. YourShow

If you are someone that gives a lot of presentations then YourShow is a must have App for your Google Glass. YourShow will show your notes and slideshows from your Powerpoint presentation, allowing you to easily read them and help you give a better presentation. It is connected to Google Drive so any document or presentation made can be viewed immediately on your Google Glass. You can download the App here

4. Glass Feeds

Glass Feeds Google Glass app

There is always something going on in the world and the internet is a great way to get all the details on the latest news stories, Developed by James Betker Glass Feeds allows you to select your favorite news sources and get the latest news stories right on your Google Glass. You can download the App here and don’t forget to add AmongTech!

5. Google Drive Photo

Google Drive photo app

One of the many awesome features of Google Glass is that you can easily take pictures of something that is happening around you without having to take out your phone, you can simply take a picture and keep enjoying on what is currently happening. The problem is that Google Glass has a limited amount of storage, that’s where Google Drive Photo is for, it will automatically upload all your pictures to a specific folder in Google Drive. You can download the app here