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Google is working on a Nexus TV

Google has been trying real hard to take over your living room, it first launched the Chromecast in June 2013 and had already launched Google TV which failed to take off. Now new rumors have emerged giving new details about the upcoming TV and a possible release date.

The first rumors about a Nexus TV emerged at CES last year where Andy Rubin gave a backstage demo showing off the Nexus TV, now The Information  has released new rumors regarding the TV, they claim that that it will feature a kinect-like motion sensor and touchpad remote control. The device will run Android and stream video services like Netflix, Hulu and Youtube.

What will make the Nexus TV different in comparison to the Google TV is that it is focused on online video streaming instead of live broadcasting TV. If the rumors are accurate we could see it in stores as soon as Q2 2014.

Google is not the only one working on a television, so it Apple. Over the past year many rumors have emerged on an iTV, read everything about the iTV