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The 4 Keys to a Successful Social Media Post

Businesses create new posts on social media all the time. Many do so on a daily basis. However, the reality is that the large majority of posts (and ads) on social media are pretty ineffective. Strange as it may sound, even successful companies may waste thousands of dollars on social media efforts that simply don’t deliver meaningful results. Today, we’re going to go back to basics and explain the four keys to a successful social media post. Be sure to follow these guidelines here:

A Clear Message

As a general rule, the more concise and precise a social media post is, the better. People are unlikely to spend a great deal of time reading a long social media post unless you give them a very good reason to do so. That’s why having a clear message is so crucial to success on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. People need to know what your post is about and why it matters to them almost instantaneously. Otherwise, they’ll probably move on.

A Strong Hook

There are literally millions of new posts made across social media every day. This means that companies aren’t just vying with other businesses in their industry for consumer attention. No, they’re also up against a consumer’s friends, family members, and organizations of all varieties. As such, all social media posts must contain a strong hook to grab the individuals’ attention. A striking image, an eye-catching video, or a compelling opening line can all draw attention to your post and help it gain traction.

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Is it beneficial for a company to get a consumer to read or engage with a social media post?  Yes, in some instances. At the end of the day, though, businesses should seek to use social media to drive leads to their site –– where they can generate conversions and make sales. This is why it’s almost always a good idea to include some sort of link back to your website within a social media post. What’s more, the best social media posts entice consumers with the promise of more information or a special offer of some sort.


Most companies have multiple social media campaigns running across multiple platforms all at the same time. One medical company may even have an entire ad series just dedicated to bunion surgery recovery time. To be sure, variety and specificity are good things when it comes to social media engagement. But this makes it all the more vital to track the performance of individual posts and ads. Determining which ads resonate with your clientele, and which ones don’t, will prove essential in forming better content in the future. If you’re not closely monitoring your current effectiveness on social media, you should start ASAP!