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How Technology is Enabling Remote Working

Remote working can offer many benefits to both the employer and employee. Not only does having a remote workforce mean lower overheads in terms of office space and accompanying costs, but remote working is also making meaningful changes to the way business operates. No longer do you need to spend thousands of dollars and many hours of travel time flying to an important meeting on the other side of the world, when instead you can simply log on virtually to take part. Similarly with the world of studying, high-quality online courses offer greater options to students who may not wish to relocate or hope to continue working as they study at their own pace.

Other changes heralded by the increase in remote working include a decrease in the gender gap as many mothers still hope to be able to do the school run and a reduced commute time, and the increased flexibility of home working allows for this. Below are some of the many options that can help get remote working off the ground for you.

Project Management Tools

Project management software can help keep a team together and on target. They ensure an easy way to share information and project updates, creating real-time workspaces and multiple channels for ease of communication. Tools such as Basecamp can help a remote workforce unite, spending less time in meetings and more time on the project.

File sharing platforms

When working remotely, it can be important to have access to shared documents online. File sharing platforms can facilitate collaboration through sharing vital documents while ensuring the security of other files remains intact.

Social Media Management

Tools such as HootSuite or Buffer allow you to easily manage your social media, gathering all streams in one place, and making it easy to plan and schedule updates, maintaining your social media presence even if workers are in different time zones.

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Video calls

Online video call platforms make needing to be in the same location for meetings a thing of the past. Using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout or other video chat apps is a great way of ensuring that a team still have a chance to talk face to face. This instant and personal communication can help foster a sense of teamwork and connectedness, even if your colleagues are on opposite sides of the globe.

Online Studying

Online studying means you can study within your home, but it also means you can garner extra skills that make you far less expendable and that improve your communication skills. For instance, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) means you can improve your critical decision making and leadership skills; it can also help you communicate more effectively both in person and remotely. Whether you’re in admin, business analytics or marketing, if you’re wanting to improve your skills, then affordable MBA programs provide a route to achieve your career goals from the comfort of your own home. Online degree courses allow you to fully take control of your studying without saddling you with a mountain of student debt.

Whatever the motivating factor, evidence suggests that remote workers are less stressed and people feel more empowered when they are given more freedom and choice.