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4 Ways the AirTame 2 Can Help Increase Business Productivity


All effective presentations and project proposals require a visual element to them. We have all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words… which means a video is worth significantly more!

Captivate your audience and help communicate important concepts and information with the power of live presentations from your connected device directly to your visual media device of choice such as projector, smart board, or television.

Ensure smooth and hassle-free presentations with the convenience and ease of the AirTame 2 Wireless HDMI device.


The AirTame 2 is a wireless HDMI Device for use in screen-sharing applications with visual media devices such as a projector, television, or computer.

The AirTame 2 Device is similar to other devices on the market including the Chromecast and Apple TV devices. What makes the AirTame 2 unique over other products of its kind is that it is the first wireless HDMI product designed specifically for use in offices, schools, and businesses, unlike other devices on the market which cater to the home entertainment niche. You can learn more about how the Air Tame 2 compares to other similar products on the market.


  1. Improved Wireless Connectivity: The Air Tame 2 provides wireless Connectivity with projectors, computers, televisions, and other visual media devices. The Air Tame 2 has almost 4x the memory of the 1st Generation Air Tame device allowing for faster firmware updates and connectivity with content-rich websites. The newly upgraded wi-fi chip offers almost twice the bandwidth allowing for more stable and secured wi-fi connectivity, as well as an enhanced connectivity range.
  2. Powerful Apps: Enhance your presentations with custom apps that provide unique presentation modes and visuals including single window sharing and multiple screen sharing options. The Air Tame app and device works with Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Chromebook, and Linux systems. The Air Tame 2 features an intuitive app that allows for easy to follow on-screen prompts for installation and connecting to devices, meaning that even the least technological savvy members of your team will be able to quickly integrate the Air Tame 2 into presentations.
  3. Easy and Comprehensive Management of Connected Devices: The Air Tame 2 comes with the easy to use AirTame Cloud that lets you manage and monitor remotely all connected devices from all locations. The AirTame Cloud application allows you to simultaneously monitor all AirTame broadcasts on all devices, as well as the ability to modify presentation settings real time. The perfect solution and tool for system administrators!
  4. Safe & Secure for Business Use: You can rest assured knowing that the Air Tame 2 is optimized for business security, making it an excellent option for sensitive and confidential projects and presentations. The Air Tame 2 has several security options such as a pin-code connectivity feature, administrator access, and settings including the ability to set specific user permissions, as well as a Kensington lock for physical security. With the Air Tame 2, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access or vulnerabilities!