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Samsung Galaxy S5 launch day sales much higher then its predecessors

According to a new report from ZDNet the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been sold more on launch day then its predecessor, in some places even doubling the amount of sales of the Galaxy S4. All though the exact numbers are unknown, the Galaxy S4 sold 10 million units during its first month and there is no doubt the Galaxy S5 will bypass these numbers.

The device is currently available in just 125 countries of the in total 150 where it will eventually become available, so we can expect these numbers to only rise.

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It took the S4 a month to hit the 10 million sales mark, the S3 took 50 days and the S2 more then 5 months, we might see the Galaxy S5 accomplish it in just a matter of days. When the device was announced at MWC 2014 many users criticized Samsung for not innovating as the device features little improvement over the S4.