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6 Ways to Make Money with Your Drone

Drone businesses are becoming increasingly popular and rightfully so. While tech advancements are soaring high in our skies, it requires businesses to constantly keep pushing to innovate. With the advent of drone photography and delivery networks, the prospects of drones are endless. This also comes with caution: anyone seeking to use a drone for business purposes should cross-check with their country’s legal protocols on commercial and local usages of drones – that’s thumb rule # 1 before you jump onto a drone business. Once ensured and tucked it, we suggest the following ways to make good money while you get cracking! 

Surveillance and Security

Traditional surveillance methods are limited to stationary nature of the camera, which is usually handled manually, fixed upon a tripod or other sturdy structures. On the contrary, video surveillance feed from drones can be used for effectively figuring out petty thieves, monitoring traffic and tracking shady individuals, that too from a wide selection of angles. Plus, unmanned drone surveillance cuts down costs quite a lot. There are also a wide variety of small RotorCoptors that can used by security agencies to discreetly track or gather intelligence.  As a result, security becomes one of the most effective businesses for drone-owners to engage in. There are also a wide variety of small RotorCoptors that can used by security agencies to discreetly track or gather intelligence.

Delivery Network

Current model of drone network is based on single-unit package delivery but it really needs to upgrade. With the availability of several drones, businesses can set up delivery points for maximum efficiency. Drones, unlike trucks, do not have to wait for traffic and does not require a trustworthy driver. With correct configuration of the travel route, you can easily set up a delivery network in your own neighborhood and delivery with the greatest productivity possible, cutting down on costs and time.



Drone photography, though highly popular as a concept, is not populated with experienced photographers. Still reeling in the early stages, drone photography has massive opportunities in travel documentaries, wedding coverage, construction-site photography, real-estate branding and many other creative ways of taking a picture. If you own a drone, it is high time you start putting it to good use. You can either:

  • Employ someone to photograph and pay them by the hour, or
  • Do it yourself!

Highly recommend the latter, though. Developing specialized skills in drone photography can ensure that you become the one to pioneer drone photography and put it into fashion!

Rescue and Relief

Apart from natural disasters like landslides, earthquakes, floods, wildfire – we often see people facing human-caused disasters like building collapses, fire, suicide bombing etc. In all cases, searching for people and sending food and medical supplies becomes the most prominent hassle right after disaster. With drones, rescue missions of a disaster can become so much more efficient; Relief can be sent out to victims through small holes and trenches. Therefore, availability and demand for drones become a crucial discussion point during disasters. Because you can modify your drone to support Rescue and Relief, you can monetize this situation and earn for yourself while you indulge in proper social work.

Inspection of Production Process and Natural Resources

Drones fit best for agro and industrial purposes for it can scout for aerial images. With advanced temperature sensors and high definition image capturing capabilities, drones can observe and monitor health of farm crop, detect the reasons behind declining crop production and these can also be used to provide preventives on field, effectively saving manual labor. Similarly, drone-based aerial inspection of industrial plants can be done to ensure power supplies during the production phase; the increasingly data-driven production era badly needs drone services as such to get the best out of their firms. Additionally, specialized drones can help researches discover patches of natural resources and if you can provide this service in the right surveying areas, you can establish “resource system inspection” as a successful business!

Sports Coverage

Drones are changing how people view sports coverage. The aerial views of the FIFA World Cup, the side views in Grand Prix, clear footage of the Olympic swimming – everything can be recorded and transferred with smart operation of the right drones. If you are interested, you have to figure out unique vantage points and capture them with your flying drone! Great help to sports analytics and you can make commercial use of your drone by incorporating it into live broadcasts. Maybe start with small local events, and then you can expand your horizon to the big ones! Drones in sports are the next big thing!

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