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Protect Your Home Network with New Device

One of the principle concerns with the use of Wi-Fi for home networks is that it is much easier to break into than the old fiber connections.  But now a new crowdfunded device offers the best solution to secure the home network.  But what is Fing and how does it work?

Introducing Fing

The system works through two parts – one is an app that is downloaded through the Android app store or through the Apple store while the second is a small device known as the Fingbox that is connected to the home router using Ethernet cables and a power source.  Once the Fingbox is in place, you download and activate the app to gain the security benefits of the software for your home Wi-Fi network.  Fing works within a minute, automatically finding all devices connected to the network and identifying them, allowing you to instantly begin monitoring your home network for intruders.

Why use Fingbox?


Many networks have automatic scanning features but none of them offer the comprehensive package that the Fingbox does.  This is why the project has already received over 850% of the required crowdfunding money it needed – people realize that this software is useful and practical to combat a growing threat.

Primarily, Fing stops network intruders including people wanting to use your network for free and those who are trying to hack into your devices through its connection.  It offers 24/7 monitoring and alerts you to new devices, intruders as well as the status of the network and devices connected to it.

In addition to this, Fing also allows you to look for bandwidth hogs – those devices or apps that use more bandwidth and slow everything else down.  You can use it to find Wi-Fi hotspots within the house to best location devices and even check the quality of your service and of favorite apps like Facebook or YouTube.  You can also use it as a parental control system to prevent your kids using devices on the network or adding new ones.

Benefits of Fing

With more homes using smart technology to run everything from music speakers to lights, Wi-Fi quality and integrity are becoming even more important.  Fing allows you to monitor your home network, ensure it is secure and that it is working in its optimum way.  It also allows you to grant access to visiting friends and family or allow house-sitters to use the network under your terms while you are away.

It also acts as a guardian for those within the home, with parental controls and measures to prevent the less technological-literate from allows dangers onto the network unknowingly.  And if you are a tech fan, then you will love the amount of information that the combination of the device and app provide including whether your internet provider is living up to their promised speeds or not!

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