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How to install ARC Welder and run Apps on your PC or Mac

Google has just launched App Runtime for Chrome or ARC Welder for Pc and Mac. Previously, ARC launched as a limited beta but has now been made available to the public allowing you to easily run any Android apps on both Windows (PC) or Linux (This also includes Mac OSX based systems)

While the software is originally created for developers, users can install any apps by getting the app .apk file (from websites like AppAPK and install them. This includes both normal apps, games etc. ARC is based on Android 4.4, meaning a lot of standalone apps are immediately compatible. Bellow is a guide on How to install ARC Welder and How to add apps to ARC Welder

How to install ARC Welder

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Chrome Version 40+
  2. You can check this by going to Settings > About Google Chrome
  3. If its not the case, you can upgrade to the latest version here
  4. Download ARC Welder
  5. From any app you want to get you need the .apk file which you can get here

How to add an app to ARC Welder

  1.  First, make sure you follow the steps above to install ARC Welder
  2. Once installed, attach your APK
  3. Make sure to select your options
  4. Hit the “Launch App” button
  5. The app will now open up and you are ready to use it.

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