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How to Prepare Your Business Website for the Holidays

Have you prepared your website for the holidays? If not, you could lose out on a lot of sales and this mistake could also damage your business’ reputation. Some simple changes can make all of the difference. Below are some of the best ways you can prepare your business website for the holidays.

Add a Festive Feel to Your Website

If you want your website to stand out from the crowd, you should give it a festive makeover. You don’t have to go over the top, but hiring a graphic designer and web designer to add some holiday related images and videos can make all of the difference. Creating Christmas related images should not cost the earth, but it’s a clear demonstration that you want shoppers to feel at home when they visit your website and you want them to get into the festive spirit.

Blog About Your Business


If you don’t have a blog on your website, now’s the time to set up a blog. Blogging about your business and products in the run-up to December 25th has the potential to increase the number of people who visit your website and purchase your products. Your blog should also include sharing buttons that allow your blog readers to share your content through email or on social media websites.

Highlight Popular Products and Special Deals

As Christmas day draws closer, certain products become more popular than others. You need to highlight these items on your website. In other situations, you should place advertisements for special deals in prominent areas of your website.

Look at last Year’s Online Results and Record This Year’s Results


A business owner makes more informed decisions when they have all the facts they need in front of them. However, many website owners don’t do this. Installing a website analytics system on your website is the most effective way to get a clear picture of how your website is performing over the holiday period.

If you already have an analytics system installed, you should look at the data produced last year. This will help you get a better understanding of your shoppers and you will be able to optimize your website based on this information.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly and Is Responsive

Shoppers are impatient during the holiday season. If your website is slow to load or does not appear properly on a mobile device, potential customers won’t hang around and will shop elsewhere. The hosting you use and your website’s theme or skin are usually the main culprits when a blog is slow. If they are causing a problem, you need to make the necessary changes.

More people than ever are using their phones to browse and shop online. This means your website has to be responsive and it should be easy to view your website on every type of traditional and mobile device.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t prepare properly for the holidays. However, the preparations listed above can dramatically affect your bottom line and enhance your business’s reputation as a business that thinks about its customers during the festive season.

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