Dutch authorities buy Weapon anonymously using Bitcoins

A Dutch judge has succeeded in purchasing an illegal fire weapon from the US over the internet using Bitcoins as payment method, this was done as an experiment to see how far it was possible to go with Bitcoins.

The experiment was also a way to show how easy it is and dangerous to purchase illegal products using Bitcoins as payment methods, since transactions can’t be traced and are done anonymously it is a great way to purchase illegal products over the internet.

The item was purchased on a ebay-like website on the Deep web using the Tor network, the illegal semi-automatic weapon was purchased from a 25 year old American which has since then been put in custody, the weapon was send using regular mailing service and disguised as a DVD player which allowed it to get passed security (for those wondering how they found this man, he was tracked through the package he send to the dutch authorities and not the bitcoin transaction). Virtual currencies have their advantages over non-virtual currencies but people using them to purchase illegal products could seriously harm the future of the coin.

Without doubt this experiment will harm the adoption of Bitcoins in Holland and Dutch authorities are investigating the virtual currency to see if it is a threat for the government.


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    1. This article isn’t saying that the USD can’t be used to do this, but it is more about how easy it can be done with Bitcoins, easier then using the USD since payments can be traced. The Deep web is taking advantage of the fact that Bitcoins can be used to make anonymous transfers and if the Dutch government can without problem, imagine that terrorist or other organizations with different purposes can do with it

      1. This shows you how dangerous the internet is. It is used by terrorists, child rapists, weapon dealers, drug dealers. They should shut it down or at least make it illegal.

  1. So the Internet enabled this transaction as much, if not more, than Bitcoin. Without the Internet, this couldn’t have occured, and nor could Bitcoin really exist. So let’s go after Bitcoin… ?

  2. I bet this judge would have had a much easier time trying to buy an illegal weapon with US dollars. He should try that next time.

    Also, I would bet some bitcoin that the “illegal gun” that the Dutch judge bought wasn’t even illegal in the U.S. All guns are illegal is most of Europe. Not in the U.S.

  3. If you wanted to buy it with cash in USD or Euro it would be as easy.
    1.- contact a seller in the deep web.
    2.- send cash via regular mail.
    3.- wait for the purchase to arrive via regular mail.

    There is no much difference with Bitcoin except that the bitcoins is sent faster. But it is as unsecured, if the seller wants to scam you, it would do it with bitcoins or cash.

    And cash is less traceable, if the package gets through unnoticed, no authority will be able to trace back what happened easily. With bitcoins, if they get hold of one of the criminal’s wallet’s addresses, they can start to trace all his transactions and they will probably find some correlation with other events.

    I believe most criminals will have a hard time with bitcoins, because they don’t understand the technology and they will be confident of their anonymity, with is not so real, and they will start to leave traces.

  4. How about an article with a title like this. “Reporter goes to shady part of city and buys guns and drugs with cash.” This is the dumbest article I have ever seen. Anyone can take cash and buy anything. And how about online? It’s pretty easy to make a deal and mail cash to someone for drugs or guns.

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