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How to record iPhone screen on iOS 8

For those who have tried to capture their iPhone screen before might have realized that it is kind of a pain in the a**. In order to do it well it requires you to jailbreak your iPhone or make complicated modifications or using expensive software. With iOS 8 and Mac OSX Yosemite Apple has made some changes that make this much easier. Here is how:

  1. Requirements: Your device must run on iOS 8 and your Mac must have Yosemite installed.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using your lightning cable
  3. Once connected, use your favorite software to watch or edit videos (like Quicktime, iMovie or other software similar to it)
  4. With Yosemite and iOS 8, Apple will see your iDevice as a standard camera input, allowing you to use any software that enables you to view video feed to record your iPhone or iPad screen.
  5. Select your iPhone as the input device and voila!

Why is this useful? It is mainly a handy feature for Youtubers and developers, since now we will most likely see more demo videos from Apps on the App Store, that allow you to get a better idea on what the App does and how it works before purchasing or downloading it.