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Popcorn Time, an app that allows you to stream Torrent movies

We don’t always want to pay money for a movie, the solution? Downloading it from torrent websites like TPB. All though this has given birth to a lot of debates and legal issues with the different Torrents websites, one of the advantages of for example using Netflix is that you don’t have to wait to be able to watch a movie instead you can just stream it to your iPad, computer, Mac, Android smartphone or even Apple TV.

With Torrents this isn’t the case, you have to wait for the download to finish (and depending on how your internet connection is, this can be really frustrating) specially with HD movies which can take up several GB of storage. So why not stream Torrent movies? Popcorn Time is a new free app that will allow you to do just that, it is currently in Beta and available on all mayor platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Popcorn time interface

Popcorn Time will allow you to make use of the beautiful interface which contains movies, saved movies you have watched (not the full file but just the torrent so when you click it it will start streaming it again) or movies you might like based on your previously watched ones. The movies it will display (similar to Netflix) will come from movie torrent site YIFY

Since torrents downloading speed is affected by the amount of people seeding it, if you are streaming you are also contributing to other people being able to watch that movie.