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More users are reporting their iPhone 6 Plus bending

Maybe the iPhone 6 Plus has a curved display after all? While we might joke about it, many users are reporting issues with their iPhone 6 Plus bending after using it for just several days, as MacRumor reports, many users on their forum have shared images of their 5.5inch iPhone 6 Plus being bent.

iPhone 6 Plus bending

One user reported that its new iPhone took this odd new shape after a day of dancing, dining, and driving to a wedding. The issue seems to be with the large screen size and thin design, pressure points from sitting or bending now have greater potential to cause the longer iPhone to flex in a way that will damage the device. We highly recommend not putting your iPhone in your back pocket or in very tight jeans

This isn’t the first time users report their iPhone bending as customers have experienced this same issue with the iPhone 5S as seen here. Apple hasn’t made any official statement regarding this issue