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iPhone 6 plus already sold out, proves massive demand

Apple has made its new 4.7inch and 5.5inch iPhone’s available for pre-order today. According to data from BGR new 5.5inch iPhone 6 Plus has already been sold out at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, for those who have bought the device off contract, shipping has gone from several days to a couple of weeks due to huge demand.

Apple has also been having some issues with its online store, due to high demand users have been unable to finish their order as the store went down several times. For those still having issues ordering their new iPhone, you might have a better chance at succeeding if using the Apple Store App.

iPhone 6 Plus: The device that will make Android users switch

iphone 6 plus

One of the main reasons Apple has released a larger iPhone is to get Android users to switch. Previous studies have shown that over 35% of current Android users are more likely to switch to an iPhone is Apple started selling larger display devices, If the iPhone 6 Plus is the device that will make users switch is yet to be determined but the fact that it has sold out so quickly proves that demand is huge.