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Only 2% of business actively use Knox on Samsung devices

In a new report from the WSJ Rhee talks about the adoption rate of its enterprise security solution called “Knox” which it first introduced at MWC 2013. Knox was made to increase the security of Android, something many businesses were worried and complained about, the system lets users easily switch between “work” and “personal”, once activated all of the data on the device is encrypted using AES encryption and gives general security enhancements.

samsung knox difference

In a new talk to analyst and investors the Samsung executive admit that only 2% of all devices that have Knox available on them actually use it, this is only 1.8 million of the in total 87 million devices

Rhee said he hopes that demand for Samsung’s Knox system will ‘trickle down’ to other industry players, once the company has won enough certification and orders from the regulated industries. He declined to comment on how many paid customers the company has won so far with its Knox system,

There are several factors affecting the low adoption rate of Knox, possibly the biggest ones are the vulnerabilities found over time in the system as it is supposed to increase security but almost all recent reports in the media are about security vulnerabilities, one of the biggest ones was a vulnerability that allowed hackers to intercept all secured data between Knox enabled smartphone.

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