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Samsung to provide smartphones for FBI and US Navy

Samsung is about to close a deal with the FBI and US Navy to provide them with smartphones The Wall Street journal reports. The anonymous source that has reported this to TWSJ says that “we are talking large numbers” and that big orders were made from the FBI and a smaller one for the US Navy. As of now it is yet unclear about what devices we are talking about, but it is rumoured to be the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The reason why the US government seems to be switching to both Apple (Which is used in the White house) or to Samsung (which will now be used by the FBI and Us Navy) instead of using Blackberry’s is because of the improved security system that have started to be implemented in the manufacturers phones. Samsung has been implementing a security suite called KNOX which gives  the ability to implement separate VPNs to individual applications rather than relying on one VPN for the entire device.

Source: TWSJ