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EaseUS Recovery Software for Android

For those of us that keep vital information on computers that have hard drives, the risk of losing everything can be terrifying, yet it’s a bet that most are willing to take given the odds. But when the hard drive crashes and all hope is lost, there is a twinkle of light at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel.

Data recovery has been helpful in saving those long lost documents. And now, they are easier to use than ever with the help of They have over 6 million customers and have been established since 2004. This 12 year experience has led to them being much more than a company specializing in recovery software.


Price ranges for their packages vary, they have a recovery package for most products starting at free, with their most expensive ranging up to a couple hundred dollars. This means you can pick and choose exactly what coverage you want, along with several different types of products.

Their website offers many different options for recovery, backup and restoration, partitions, and are able to help both Windows and Apple customers. This gives them an edge when it comes to helping their customers, because they offer so many different products within the same company, there is no transferring of information, leading to less middle men and more productivity.

Along with computer assistance, their expertise extends to smart phones, offering recovery software for androids, so if you accidentally drop your phone into water and fry the motherboards, there is still hope of getting your information off of it and onto your new device.


Contacting their support team is very simple, and rather than having one singular generic support line, they offer several different contact emails for different products, simplifying the process of finding the correct person to assist.

If more immediate help is necessary, they have a link to a live chat with a technical support engineer that can help you sort out your problems. But don’t forget to check out their self-service support options before reaching out to the support group. Their self help options are very thorough and offer good advice as well as many options to be able to solve the issues for yourself. has everything from recovery software for android to restoration programs for any issues that your hard drive and sensitive information may come in contact with. Be sure to check them out, because they are definitely in the top of the industry when it comes down to products offered, as well as good customer support.

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