New GoPro Hero 4 can record 4K 1080p at 120 FPS

The guys over at F-Stoppers have found leaked specs of the unannounced popular extreme action video camera the GoPro Hero 4. GoPro camera was embraced by professional cinematographers as well as millions upon millions of tourists both for its size and the fact that it allows you to capture great video footage at a incredible quality for only 1/3 of the prize of a professional camera.

The GoPro Hero 4 will allow users to do just this but in even better quality then before. F-Stopper claims that the new Hero 4 will allow to record in 4K at 1080p at 120 FPS or in 720p at 240 FPS. These specs are absolutely mind blowing, even comparing it to some top of the line professional cameras. Here is the full line of the GoPro Hero 4 specs

  • 4K (3840 × 2160) Ultra HD H.264 Encoder
  • 1080p at 120 FPS and 720p at 240 FPS for action videography
  • 700Mpixels/s oversampling performance
  • Multi-exposure HDR and WDR tone mapping
  • Electronic image stabilization (EIS)
  • Improved MCTF with advanced sharpening
  • Remote viewfinder, playback
  • Upload pictures and video to social media

The only current concern of the new GoPro hero 4 is the battery life it will have, previous models have been getting some hate for the little battery life it has. As of now we don’t know yet when the new GoPro Hero 4 is coming, but its expected to be revealed Summer 2014. Here is a video showing the GoPro Hero 3 in action

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      1. 4K 1080p doesn’t make sense… It’s either 4K or 1080p…. 4K is 4 times the resolution of 1080p, if you haven’t noticed by now…

          1. 4k is not 4 times the resolution of 1080; it’s 2 times. 1080 vertical is 1980 horizontal; that’s 2K. 4K refers to the horizontal rez which is 3840 pixels.

          2. You, my friend, are wrong. 4K is 4 times the resolution. It is doubled in both directions (3840 x 2160 vs 1920 x 1080) which equates to 4X the res.

          3. I stand corrected, my friend. 4k (or 3840×2160 for this discussion) is exactly 4 times the resolution of 1920×1080 (2k). Definately not 6 times.

    1. I think a better place to start before genlock is actually getting the HDMI output with < 5 frames of delay..

      1. We use diopters … get one of the cages that allow added filters or the filter holders that take the place of the protective glass. My favorites are the WonderPana GO and WideOpen Camera

  1. The Hero3 quality is horrible so hopefully the next version is at least better than cell phone video without having to hours and hours of editing… The Hero3 is definitely not really 1080p, maybe 360p in the perfect conditions. We shoot with a wide range of handheld camera and it is by far the worst, plus it is almost as expensive as what DSLRs are right now.

    1. Are you on crack??? My gopro Hero 3 beats out the color and sharpness of my 3 year old DSL. I have a Sony 1080p camcorder that cost $1000 that cant even touch the gopro. The only death of the gopro will be the cheap comparable chinese cameras. Even then they are all a generation behind. I do feel better about sending my quadcopter off on an autopilot mission, a mile away, when it is carrying a $60 mobius instead of a $400 gopro.

      1. I would love to see your side by side video proving how much better your GoPro is than your $1000 Sony DSLR. We deal with 100s of GoPro users and the quality on average is only cell phone quality unless you shoot in the absolute perfect conditions with tons of editing.
        I can pull video off either one of my DSLRs unedited and it is true HD while the GoPro isn’t close.

        1. Assuming you’re not talking about the Hero 1 and 2, which couldn’t look that great, of course your experience with the GoPro would be negative. When you’re dealing with hundreds of people using them, and I’m guessing the majority of those people don’t know anything about using a camera and CAN’T make a video look good, then the video is going to look bad. If you pulled a random person off the streets and handed them a $14,000 Canon C300, a camera which records great video, and had them walk around shooting the random things they think look cool, the video still wouldn’t turn out well. They don’t know how to utilize light correctly or which settings to use or how to capture and convey a message. Perfect conditions and tons of editing undeniably help, but aren’t required to produce a great video. If someone takes some time to watch some videos online and do a little research on lighting, they will be able to produce a pretty good image, considering the price of the camera. If you do know what you’re doing, then a Hero 3+ Black Edition will produce awesome footage, especially considering that it’s only $400.

          1. I shoot video for a living using a Nikon D5200 and a Red Epic Dragon so I’m well aware of how to take proper videos. My problem if with the quality of the video from my GoPro 3 Silver, it sucks. I know it is only $400 so what should I expect right? Wrong. I also have a Olympus STYLUS Waterproof camera that was only $179 and even it has better quality photos and video than my GoPro 3 Sliver by a mile.

            I complained to GoPro about the quality, they had me send samples of the photo and video and then they apologized about the poor quality, admitted my issues were a common problem and that it would be fixed in the 3+ version. They also offered me a free 3+ Black, which is in the mail, because my website gets a lot of traffic; plus I get to keep my piece of junk 3 Silver which will be on EBay asap.
            I hope the 3+ Black is much better so I can actually start promoting their products in a positive light.

          2. @toby, it is supposed to be here this week so I’ll let you know. Sony is also sending me an Action Cam which most of my readers have been recommending. It’ll be interesting not just to see if they fixed the GoPro 3’s quality issues with the 3+ but also how the 3+ stacks up against the Action Cam which I haven’t used yet.
            I am optimistic the new version will be better quality for everyday
            use, meaning you won’t have to hunt for the exact perfect lighting to
            make your videos/photos look okay.

            With clarification from GoPro the issues I’ve had with the 3 seem to be with the lens they used. The rep I spoke with said that the 3rd generation was mainly to make make the camera smaller and in the case of the GoPro 3 Black to add better slow motion features. He also mentioned that a reason for the 3+ was a lens improvement as many people upgrading from the 2 -or- HD to the 3 felt that their video/photo quality went down after upgrading.

          3. Thanks for that, that would be great. Sorry i haven’t heard of you before, do you have a blog or something I can visit? I would be interested in your write ups! Cheers

          4. Toby, they ended up sending me a 3+ Black and Silver.
            Outside of the Black have better high frame rate video for slow motion, I’m not finding a huge difference between the two in everyday usage. Both are a million time better than the Hero 3 and I’m actually getting quality closer to what they claim right off the memory card. The lens doesn’t catch as much glare from the sun, overhead lights, or water (lake/ocean) which is the biggest difference. No more having to film away from the sun or on cloudy days.
            The low light footage is a ton better with the 3+ as well, although it still needs work. They should sell a LED ring light for around the GoPro case to help with low light situations, although making yourself is easy too.

          5. GoPro Hero 3 Silver uses the sensor from the Hero 2, which kinda sucks. Keep in mind that isnt a $400 camera its going for more like $250. Black edition is way to go. I dont think it is unreasonable to do some post processing though, it is possible to take professional level video on Hero 3 Black. I personally find it way better than my cell phone and a great addition to my camera setup.

          6. Umm Im not sure the Red Epic Dragon sensor upgrade was available 2 months ago unless you work at Red or are great friends with them. You sure you didnt mean to say Red Epic?
            Anyways if major tv networks and films which I have friends that personally work on use the GO Pro3 I think its good enough and doesnt bother those guys that are working on much bigger projects than you might be. Just saying…

          7. The Hero Black edition is better than silver. For someone who “shoots video for a living using a Nikon D5200 and a Red Epic” you sure as hell went cheap by getting a GoPro Hero 3 Silver (which is $300, not $400). Also, if you were a serious DSLR video shooter, you’d have a Canon 5D Mark III and not a Nikon D5200. Go pretend you know WTF you are talking about somewhere else.

          8. Wow, you use a $600 DSLR alongside a purpose-built $30,000 beast of a machine? I smell BS.

        2. Hahaha! Ur an idiot! Trying to compare a camera that’s smaller than the chip in ur epic! GoPro’s are the best at what they do. U say u no how to take proper pics….EPICS are designed for wankers who don’t no how to take proper pics.

          1. This entire thread is about the quality of video & photos that the GoPro 3 takes which is crap. In addition to my epic I also compared it to my Nikon D5200 and cheap Olympus STYLUS Waterproof camera. The fact is the GoPro is not anywhere close to the 1080p it claims to be which should be HD.

            I would LOVE to see a link to an unedited/untouched video that you took with your GoPro that is actually 1080p. Unless you can prove that you’ve actually had raw footage come out of your GoPro in 1080p then my argument stands correct.

          2. Well if you are so bad ass about cameras why you didn’t get the black edition in the first place I bet you don’t even have a different camera than the silver and want to talk shit

          3. what a troll comment.
            I have a couple successful youtube channels and wanted to start adding GoPro as a new element. First I started with the 3 Sliver since it was marketed as 1080p/HD. Based on the claims and specs of the products it should have worked great for what I needed it for, but I quickly found out that it was not anywhere close to 1080p in real world average use.
            After talking to the company they have recently sent me a 3+ Sliver & Black both of which work a ton better. They don’t catch as much glare from the sun or overhead lights and perform better in lower light. Their low light still isn’t on par with the Sony Action Cam but overall the 3+ is a much better camera. Outside of filming in a higher frame rate fro slow motion I’m not finding a huge different in normal use from the Sliver to the Black.

          4. In reality the Hero 3 Black is great for the money. But you have to be careful about how you shoot because of the poor dynamic range. Bright sunlight is a challenge if there are large areas of deep shadow and vice versa. Having said that I got some amazing results in Havasupai recently. I had a Sony FS700 along as well. Of course the Sony beat out the gopro, but in many instances, there sure didn’t seem like $8000 worth of difference.

        3. I am a professional videographer and have had plenty of cameras over the past 30 years…my go pro 3 Black is simply awesome for low light inside shooting and outside!!!

    2. you are some nut i once used a go pro one at 1080p and the quality was fine; althought it did have some colouring problems on a rollercoaster…

  2. people are bitching about the dumbest things. It’s a $400 camera. To complain that the video is not as good as a Red is just stupid. The GoPro Hero Black 3+ is a very nice camera. The video is awesome. It’s used all over the world everyday to produce great video. I love the camera. It’s not a nice as my $25,000 camera. But, I would never strap my main camera to the front of an 18 wheeler going down I-10. The last thing is, It’s just another tool to help tell a great story. One pass through DaVinci or Looks and it all comes out looking good.

    1. You are absolutely right Ralph…400.00 is super cheap for what this camera can do… Think about what costs 400.00 in the video/photography world…There are video lights that cost more than that…Stupid lights for crying out lout!!!..If you compare this camera to a DSLR, you are crazy.. DSLR’s also need lenses too which is another cost. And, most can’t do time lapses without a hack or intervalometer nor can they shoot at high frame rates like 120fps. Now there are companies that are making add on lenses and c mount adapters for the GoPro..400.00 is a good price….if you can’t pay it… don’t buy it… end of story.

  3. I hate that they don’t make different packages. One with and one without this stupid wifi remote. Noone uses that shit. Everyone uses their smartphones or tablets. They just want the additional 100$ for that stupid crap.

    1. So you speak for “no one” and “everyone?” I agree that different packages would be preferable, but absent different packages I’d rather have more than less. And besides, no one’s putting a gun to your head and making you buy the product and the package you don’t want. Thing is, until a legitimate competitor enters this market, the GoPro people can do whatever they think the market will bear, and the consumer can either patronize GoPro, or not.


  5. got 3+ black two days ago, put it on my kid’s balancing bike, watched the funniest footage ever :-) yeah not the best video, pictures suck… my dslr with a 50 mm lense makes way better videos and pictures BUT that thing will flip my kid with it’s weight lol
    yeah 400$ is kind of heavy, but – those memories, those videos I can show my son when he is, let’s say, 25 years old will be well worth it!
    gave it to my son in bath, I want you to show me how a DSLR can be “lost” under bubbles lol
    my verdict: it is the best at what it does as of today, bought a pile of attachments and have tons of ideas to torture it :-)

    about Wi-Fi remote – tested app on iPod and Samsung galaxy s3, at -20C, sorry folks touch screen devices are not made to work in those temps… also you cannot use iPod under water or even rain, or while driving, riding bike, surfing and so on…

  6. The title isn’t the only thing misleading.

    From the article:
    “will allow to record in 4k at 1080p at 120FPS”

    …and this is a technology website? hahaha that’s more than “just a little typo in the title”

    will allow to record in 4K at 1080p at 120 FPS
    will allow to record in 4K at 1080p at 120 FPS
    will allow to record in 4K at 1080p at 120 FPS

  7. i hate how everything filmed on these hero cams have that fish eye look. i had the Hero1,2 and 3(Not +) and i just cant get over that fish eye look.

    1. Fisheye can be removed in GoPro Studio. In haven’t tried it but the demo I saw said it works ok with minimal distortion.

  8. The GoPro3 shoots in 4k to but at low FPS. If the GoPro4 can shoot 4k in 60FPS, it would be totally awesome!! Confirmed?

    1. The batter can’t last more than 45mns to an hour…. why make it built in? and you don’t always need a screen.

  9. 4K is pointless since it’s unusable unless it’s significantly downscaled or you own a 4K TV….. and on the Hero 3+ the highest battery consuming setting is 720p @ 120fps and will get you 40-45mns of recording time on a single charge. But if you own or know how to use programs such as After Effects, Premiere or Twixtor, slow motion can be smoothly achieved using

    And I bet you can anticipate the 4+ to be released afterwards just like they did with the Hero 3.

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