Android 5.1 Nexus 6 OTA and Factory Image Download

Just days after the release of Android 5.1 Google has released Android 5.1 for the Nexus 6 “Shamu”. The much awaited update brings many new features among them are new quick settings, HD voice calls, Dual SIM support, new Screen pinning, Device protection, new animations etc.

The arrival of Android 5.1 on the Nexus 6 was previously revealed by Sprint as Sprint has updated its Nexus 6 support pages indicating that the same Android build — LMY47D — is set to roll out starting March 11. Bellow are a list of requirements needed in order to upgrade your Nexus 6 to 5.1:

  • Nexus 6
  • LRX22C
  • 50% or higher battery life
  • Data connection
  • Available memory (File size of update: 410 MB)

Android 5.1 Nexus 6 Factory Image Download

Bellow you can download the new Factory Image for the Nexus 6. Keep in mind that installing this will wipe all of the data on your device

  • Android 5.1 Nexus 6 Factory Image LMY47D – Download 

Android 5.1 Nexus 6 OTA Download

Bellow you can download the Android 5.1 Nexus 6 OTA. This can be installed and won’t delete any data or apps you have on your device. Keep in mind that it does require you to run the latest Android 5.0.1.

  • Android 5.1 Nexus 6 OTA LMY47D  – Download
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  1. When I’m trying to download it, It shows 910 MB. Why the file size is showing different during downloading and what is the actual size of it. I have canceled it?

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