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How to access the hidden Galaxy S6 Diagnostic Menu

Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have a hidden diagnostic menu. The diagnostic menu is used by Samsung employees to learn more information about the device and find any possible error or hardware issue it might be experiencing. While the Galaxy s6 diagnostic menu is intended to be used by Samsung technicians, it can be accessed by anyone.

Galaxy s6 diagnostic menu

What can i test with the Galaxy S6 Diagnostic Menu? The diagnostic menu allows you to test a variety of things like display colors (red, blue and green), receiver, vibration, dimming, Mega cam, sensor, touch, sleep, speaker, sub key, Front camera, LED, IR LED, Low frequency, Barcode emulator test, Sensorhub test, Black and HALL IC (which allows you to test voltage differences)

How to access the hidden Galaxy S6 Diagnostic Menu: The Galaxy S6 diagnostic menu can be accessed from the dialer app. Open up the dialer app and dial the following number: *#0*#. From here you can directly access all of the options.