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How to join the Mac OS X Yosemite public beta

Apple has announced that on July 24, 2014 the Mac OS X Yosemite public beta will be available for download. Yosemite is currently already available to those who have a developer account and during WWDC 2014 it announced that sometime this summer it will have an open beta for 1.000.000 users. The new OS has a new UI and has a ton of new features and improvements over the older Mac OSX Mavericks

beta users will be able to download an early version of the OS starting tomorrow at around 1PM Eastern

How to sign up for the Mac OS X Yosemite beta

  1. You will need an Apple ID
  2. If you have one, navigate to the following link
  3. Log into your account with your Apple ID
  4. Accept the OS X Beta program conditions
  5. and voila!

Mac OS X Yosemite beta