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Is Android Silver dead?

Several months back we did an in-depth coverage on Android Silver which for those who don’t remember is a program in which Google was going to work closely with several OEMs and carriers to create high-end smartphones like the Nexus line up of device that run a stock version of Android .

According to a new report from The Information the future of the program isn’t looking all too good to the point in which Google might have actually killed the program before it actually became reality. Google was initially planning on setting up booths in stores to promote these devices and dedicate a huge amount of resources into marketing them but after Nikesh Arora (Google’s sales chief and head of Android Silver) departed from Google.

For those who were looking forward to high end devices running stock Android this might be a blow but there is nothing to worry about as several rumors indicate that Google and Motorola are already working hard on the Nexus 6

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