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3 Ways Technology Will Change Corporate Training Over The Next Decade

3 Ways Technology Will Change Corporate Training Over The Next Decade - 1

It all started with sharpening wood to make weapons for hunting, then came fire, the wheel, and today we can experience everything in the world without moving a limb. 

Yes, that is technology. 

Humans have achieved every feat that once seemed straightaway preposterous, and there is no stopping us. 

To say that “technology has impacted every aspect of our lives” would be an aggressive understatement because our lives are shaped by it today. And one of the most influenced sectors by these advancements in the corporate world. 

From public to private sector, small to Large Enterprises, startups to freelancers, every working body aims to be automated as quickly as they can. 

And why not?

Increased efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, every important factor driving our workplaces is a gift of technology. 

So if you are wondering which tech you should be fishing to remain at the top of your circle in the coming years, here’s your guide. 

Read on.

  1. Simulations

Simulations offer many advantages over any other form of technology, especially in the field of Learning & Development – they successfully demonstrate abstract topics, allow the users to effectively interact with the simulated concept and learn and give feedback for improvement. 

Furthermore, they can be decidedly cost-efficient solutions in the long run since they save you the cost of the real resources. 

In fact, even today air forces around the world use simulation technology for training their people in flying and many hospitals use it for creating virtual surgical scenarios to teach new doctors. 

In the coming years, this tech will move forward to the mainstream of the world and enter the corporate training sector on a much larger scale. 

  1. mLearning

Mobile learning might have become a routine term for many but the possibilities attached with this technology are yet to be fully explored. 

According to Statista, the mark of smartphone users worldwide has crossed over 2.5 billion. With this number, the impact of mLearning is also set to rise. 

Some of the key predictions for mLearning are:

  • Personalization of learning resources with the help of machine learning on a large scale
  • Microlearning becoming mainstream in all areas of L&D
  • Deploying AR and VR technologies in the form of mobile applications. 
  • Gamification of standard training routines. 
  • Taking the help of advanced AI for corporate training. 

Mobile eLearning authoring tools are building upon their capabilities to match the requirements of new-age learning needs by advancing in their accessibility, quality of content, scalability and efficiency and speed of producing an eLearning course. 

3 Ways Technology Will Change Corporate Training Over The Next Decade - 2

  1. Big Data

In the context of eLearning, big data refers to the resources that are created by other learners while they are learning. For instance, if your employees are training with the help of eLearning, their interaction with the course, their performance assessment, progress, feedback and any other kind of data that is collected while a course is going on is Big Data. 

All kind of technology that is being used today is collecting some kinds of data. Be it social media behaviors, learning management systems, authoring tools, etc., anything that is used in a workplace is being used to collect massive amounts of important data about employee behavior. 

In the near future, this data can be put to use in analyzing employee performance, learning, and behavior to sift out the problems and devise strategies to tackle them. 

Technology might be taking over our daily lives but when it comes to learning, technology has been a boon to the world. Being a sustainable alternative with advancements that are better engaging and informative, technology is disrupting eLearning and will continue to do so in the coming decade.