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How to install Mac OSX Mavericks on older generation Mac Pro

Apple’s latest operation system Mac OSX Mavericks isn’t currently available on the older generation Mac Pro (the 2006/2007 models) while they are highly capable of running the OS. MacRumors forum user Tiamo has released a little guide on how to install Mavericks on the older generation Mac Pro:

  1. following those steps to make an install drive (here is a guide on how to do so)
  2. replace boot.efi – boot.efi can be found at System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi and usr/standalone/i386/boot.efi (Here is Bootloader for Mac Pro)
  3. insert your board-id into OSInstall.mpkg (here is how to)
  4. insert your board-id into InstallableMachine.plist
  5. reboot from the usb drive and run the installation

Older Mac Pro’s are stuck on older version of Mac OSX because they use have 32bit EFI something that newer version like Mavericks doesn’t support making the new OS incompatible with the Mac Pro. As of now the compatibility with updates is unknown, we suggest you turn off the automatic update feature in Mavericks in order to prevent any future issues.