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How to improve HTC One M8 camera quality using a mod

If you love taking pictures and videos, the HTC One M8 with dual 4MP 2688х1520 pixels, autofocus camera with dual LED Flash is a great device to it with. All though receiving mixed reviews by users the camera can do some impressive stuff and it seems that with several software improvements and tweaks, you can make huge improvements.

User G-Bus from XDA has created a new camera mod for the HTC One M8 which will improve the image quality and increase the bitrate to 35Mbps from 20mbps. Other significant changes the mod has made are the following:

  • Improved JPEG quality to 95
  • Removed the Harcoded Bitrate Limited by HTC.
  • Sound bitrate in videos captured improved to 192kbps
  • Color reproduction improved in all modes (hdr, manual and auto)
  • Removed fix resolution for panorama shots
  • Flash support added for Panorama pictures.

How to install the HTC One M8 camera quality mod

You can download the MOD here and it can be installed on your device by flashing it using Recovery. Here are some images taken with the HTC One M8 before and after


without mod htc one m8


with mod HTC One m8

You can see more before and after images on the official XDA Developer thread of the Mod which you can visit here