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Chinese Android smartphones coming pre-installed with Uupay.D trojan

According to a report from German Tech news website Heise the Star N9500 Android smartphone a rather popular device in China, comes pre-installed with the Uupay.D trojan on the device acting as the Google Play store.

The Trojan will harvest your personal information as personal data can be copied without any restrictions and conversations made on the smartphone can be overheard, the malware also sends costly SMS to premium services and the microphone on the smartphone can be activated any time allowing hackers to hear anything you are saying near by the phone. The device is available world wide for as little as 160€ according to Heise, the low price of the device is made up for with the “criminals stealing bank details and outsmart security mechanisms such as mTAN”. According to security researcher from Kaspersky which have previously warned about suspicious software being installed on the device.

“the device comes from the factory with an extensive espionage program”

I own this smartphone, how do i know if i have been affected? We recommend you download the ESET Mobile Security app and scan your device as several people have been able to detect this malware using the app.