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Top 3 Job Search Websites in 2022

Searching for jobs online using Flexjobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor are the best job search engines to secure a new job. These job search sites boast millions of listings for jobs across the nation and often provide users with resources like career coaching, resume building, and other tips to help users succeed during their search for a new job.  While there is no shortage of job search sites on the web, some are better than others. Here are three of the best job search websites in 2022. 

1. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is known for its legit search results which include and even prioritize hybrid or remote work-from-home positions with companies like Amazon. A review of flexjobs show the job search engine gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when working from home was the best option for employees of various industries across the nation, and is the perfect tool for individuals who still wish to work remotely or in a hybrid role where working from home or on the go is a possibility.

Flexjobs charges users for memberships at various rates, beginning at $10 per week. Many users have had success in quickly finding a position that matches their preferences, however, so, likely, you will not be paying for this site for long.

2. Indeed

Indeed is the largest job search website in the world, with thousands of new job listings being posted every day to millions of worldwide users. Indeed posts a wide variety of jobs in just about every field, from openings for baristas at Starbucks to medical scribes Users can filter their personalized results by location, salary, and requirements, and those who sign up for an account will receive email or text notifications when new jobs are posted that match their preferences. Many satisfied users feel that Indeed made the process of a job search feel easier and move quicker. 

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor sets itself apart from its competitors by prioritizing transparency in terms of workplace experiences and salary. In addition to being able to find new job listings based on personalized preferences, users can read reviews about particular companies or establishments from verified former or current employees, as well as get a fairly accurate glimpse at what the typical salary is like for different positions. If you are experienced in your field of work and looking for a new employer, this is a great site to use as you can compare and contrast what it would be like to work at various companies and understand how much you would be earning at each one. 

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