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AliPay to add support for the Galaxy S5 fingerprint payment authentication

With more then 550 million users and 8.5 million daily transactions, Chinese third-party online payment platform owned by ecommerce site Alibaba called AliPay will soon allow you to authenticate a transaction using the fingerprint scanner on the new Samsung Galaxy S5, according to a new report from Leiphone.

AliPay will add support in Q2 2014. The service allows you not only to make a payment but also lets consumers verify if they are happy with the product that they have bought before releasing money to the seller.

Alipay will become the second payment method that will add support for the Galaxy S5, after Paypal. According to sources, the system has been tested on many different devices among those the iPhone 5S, it is yet unclear if the iPhone will also get an app that allows you to authenticate a payment with your fingerprint. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will officially launch world wide on April 11th, 2014.