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How to upload photos to iCloud from PC running Windows

iCloud might be one of the most useful software features that comes integrated in iOS allowing you to keep all your Apple devices synced. This is of course great if everything you own is Apple but that might not always be the case, if you are an iPhone user and use iCloud to back up your photos you might also want to be able to add pictures you haven’t made with your iPhone.

Until earlier this week, uploading photos to iCloud from a Windows PC wasn’t possible but Apple has added this new feature to iCloud iPhotos recently that allows you to simply upload pictures from any device with a web browser, here is how

How to upload photos to iCloud from PC

  1. You will need an Apple iCloud account and have iPhoto enabled on it.
  2. Make sure that before you start you have enough iCloud storage left
  3. Open your browser on your computer
  4. navigate to
  5. Log into your account and on the homescreen, choose iPhoto iPhoto iCloud
  6. Then on the top right, select “upload” iPhoto upload
  7. Select the picture or various pictures you want to upload
  8. Voila!