How to install Meizu FlyMe OS on the Nexus 5

FlyMe OS is a heavily modified Android ROM developed by Meizu that has now been ported to the Nexus 5. Based on Kit Kat 4.4 the UI of FlyMe seems to be based on iOS with a huge attention to detail and with several unique features.

All though FlyMe has been made compatible with the Nexus 5 there are still many things that don’t work like Bluetooth, Sensors, NFC, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Camera, keep this in mind when installing.

FlyMe OS

How to install FlyMe OS on the Nexus 5

  1. We highly recommend you back up your device, check out our guide on how to do so here
  2. First, we are going to download the ROM FlyMe OS 3.8, which can be done here
  3. Download the Google Apps package here
  4. Download Super User here
  5. Reboot your device into recovery mode
  6. Flash the FlyMe ROM .zip file to your device
  7. Flash the Gapps to your device
  8. Flash the Super User to your device
  9. Reboot your device
  10. Follow the installation process
  11. voila!
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  1. -_- you either have bad luck or have no clue on this rom. NFC works, bluetooth works, and the camera works for me on my N5.

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