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How to install Google Apps or Gapps Cyanogenmod 12 CM12

Google apps or Gapps don’t come pre-installed on Cyanogenmod 12 and if you want to have CM12 based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and have the official Google Apps of Android 5.0 you will need to download Gapps Cyanogenmod 12. 

Google Apps include Play store, Gmail, Maps, Google Backup Transport, Car Home, YouTube, Google Search, Google Voice Search, Google Music, and Google Docs. If you have experience installing custom ROM’s you will have no issue installing Gapps on Cyanogenmod CM12

How to install Google Apps or Gapps Cyanogenmod 12 CM12

  1. Choose the package you want to download, there are currently 6. We highly recommend downloading the “Google Stock Package”
  2. Download the here (this is the Google Stock Package)
  3. (It will be a zip file – leave it as it is – you don’t need to unzip it.) boot the device into recovery mode (how to do so varies per device)
  4.  Using the volume keys, highlight “Install Zip From Sdcard” or similar, then press the select button.
  5. Highlight “Choose Zip From Sdcard” Look on your SD card in your device and find the previously downloaded folder.
  6. Open it up and wait for it to install
  7. Reboot your device and you should now have Gapps on CM12 installed

For those interested in downloading a different package, you can check out the Full Modular Package here, Mini Modular package here or the Nano Modular Package here