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Android Security App Review – AVG AntiVirus FREE 2017

Often when we think about security on devices, the focus is on desktops and laptops.  But smartphones are just as vulnerable as these devices, perhaps more so with the frequency that we download apps to them.  That’s why it is important to have Antivirus for Android and the new AVG AntiVirus free Android security is an ideal way to do this.

What does the app do?

The app can protect both smartphones and tablets from a range of harmful viruses and malware as well as spyware, scam ware and even dangerous text messages – in other words, all the main threats that can affect your device.  It also ensures that all your personal data held on your phone is protected and even looks after your pictures.

Once installed, the app scans other apps, games and files in real time as well as checking settings to ensure that the device is safe.  It helps improve functionality by killing tasks that slow down a device and allows you to monitor and optimise your battery and storage to get the most from your phone.  It even allows you to track your device if it is lost using Google Maps.

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Protecting sensitive data

Sensitive apps, such as banking or payment apps, can be locked to ensure that no-one can access them and the app stores the most private photos in an encrypted vault.  It can identify unsure device settings to show you how to fix them and also checks incoming files to ensure they don’t have any security threats within them.

Finally, when you use Wi-Fi networks, the app can spot encryption issues that would make your data vulnerable to hackers and also spot weak passwords and any number of other threats.  Part of this involves looking for Captive Portals where you must sign in before using the Wi-Fi network and ARP Poisoning where attackers send you to a different URL to collect your data.

For newer Android devices on v4.4 onwards, you can also have call and message blocker to protect your device against spammers and hackers.  This function lets you know about suspicious text messages and blocks unwanted calls and messages.

Use on desktops

As well as the free app for Android devices, AVG has also created a software package for desktop devices.  It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and older systems such as Vista and XP.  It also works with Apple devices to bring the benefits of the app to whatever device you use and there is a simple online portal to access the settings and personalise your needs.