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Resources on How to develop a Windows Phone app for free

With Windows Phone gaining in popularity and keep getting a bigger market share it is starting to become interesting for developers to get their app on Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platform. If you are just a Windows fan or already have developed apps for platforms like Android and iOS, it is always great to read some guides on How to get started and how everything works.

We (similar to how we did with our How to create an Android app) have put together a list of the best guides and tutorials to read or watch on the internet that should teach you the basics on how to start creating your own app for Windows Phone 8.1

What you will need

  1. A computer running Windows
  2. To install the Windows Phone SDK (Not required if you have Visual Studio 2013 or above)
  3. Windows Phone emulator which can be found here

List of Guides worth checking out

  • Microsoft’s official guide: Teaching you how to install the software and setting everything up, the official guide from Microsoft is not only interesting to read to make sure you can get started but also teaches you the guidelines and some handy tips to get started. Read the full guide here
  • CiteWorld Windows Phone App studio guide: Microsoft has a tool called App Studio, allowing users to easily create an App for Windows Phone without programming a single line of code, the CiteWorld guide is a great guide that teaches just how to make the most of this handy tool. Check it out here 
  • GeekChamp: A Great in-depth guide that explains you how to get started and how to do other handy stuff like getting your app in the Windows Phone store. Check it out here
  • Has a simple guide on explaining the basics of developing apps for the Windows Platform. Check it out here
  • Charles State University [VIDEOS]: If you are not much of a reader a great alternative is the Charles State University video guide, explaining you in-depth how to start, program and publish the app. Check it out on Youtube here

Any tips on how you got started? Feel like we are missing a helpful tutorial? Let us know in the comments bellow!