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Guide on How to get Google apps on your Nokia X

It has only been a week since the first Android running Nokia smartphone called the Nokia X got revealed at MWC 2014 but Spanish hacker Kashamalaga  has already found a way to get access to the Google Play store, Google now and other Google apps.

The Nokia X smartphone has a redesigned Android interface to make it look more like Windows Metro-tile UI, Executive Vice President, Devices & Services at Nokia Steven Elop told us at MWC that “users will grow accustomed to the interface” but it seems like the user doesn’t really want to grow accustomed and eventually users want to make install the powerful Google apps that we are so familiar with on Android. Here is a guide by Kashamalaga posted on XDA-Developers that show you just how you can do this, here it is explained:

  1. Root your Nokia X device using the Gandalf Exploit (Which can be downloaded from here)
  2. Download and install the Root Explorer app
  3. Extract and copy all apks from “” to /system/app
  4. Change the permisions to the following:nokia x apks
  5. Reboot your Nokia X device
  6. Download this APK and install everything you need.

Once you have followed the steps above, you can now launch the Google Play store and are free to start downloading. Here is a video that shows you how the device works after having followed the steps mentioned above

Tariq Wahid

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