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Resources on how to create an Android app for free

So you want to create an android app for free but have no programming skills? Learning how to do so is not something you can do in just a saturday morning, it requires years of practice and programming to fully learn how to create an app effectively but if you want to create something really simple or just learn the basics, we might be able to help.

The internet is a wonderful thing for many reasons, but one of the things we most use it for is for information and there is no place else that has more information on How to learn how to program an android app then the internet. With thousands of websites offering information, we have gathered a list of the best ones we highly recommend you check out on your quest on creating the next Uber app. (Remember: All of the tutorials and software mentioned bellow is 100% free)

What you will need to learn & need

In order to create an app, there are several skills you will need to master and programs you need (check out our post on Best tools to develop a mobile app for iOS and Android):

  1. Learn the Programming language Java
  2. Get the latest version of Java JDK here
  3. Get the Android SDK here

List of Guides worth checking out

  • MakeUseOf [Text and Images]: A Short and simple guide that helps you set up all of your software that you will need in order to start programming, the short tutorial will learn you what to do with the content in the downloaded files, what software to run and how to set it up. Check it out here. A similar guide to this one from Ray Wenderlich can be found here (this guide features step by step on how to install every program and has a little more information then the MakeUseOf guide)
  • XDA-Developer [Text, Images and Video]: This great long 5 part guide is a little more in-depth then the MakeUseOf one, featuring both images and videos to explain how to set everything up and how to create a few simple apps. The guide is great for the in-depth videos it provides. Check out Part 1 here 
  • Google’s own Android Development guide: All though it doesn’t have any videos or much images, it is worth checking out once you understand the basics which can be learned in the tutorials mentioned above. The official Android Development guide is the most in-depth one and will teach you everything you need to know as far as guidelines etc. [Minimum skill required] Check it out here
  • Coreservlet: The Coreservlet guide is great if you understand the basics of how to put everything together. The in-depth guide features a ton of exercises to practice and improve your Java skills, it also has a ton of pre-set projects which you can use and analyze to better understand how things work. You can find it here
  • JavaCodeGeeks [Recommended]From quickstart to user interface controls and layouts, if you are familiar with any programming languages (even just a bit) and want to get straight at it, the JavaCodeGeeks guide is the one we recommend you use, featuring projects, examples and in-depth explanations on how to create your own app. Check it out here
  • Linux [Images]: The guys over at Linux also have created a guide, in which they mainly explain the basics of text layouts, teaching you what each line means and giving you great example of what everything does. Check it out here

List of Video Tutorials and other videos worth checking out

  • TheNewBoston: If you have ever looked up a video tutorial on how to use a certain piece of software you might have come across this guy. Like all his tutorials, hes Android app development one is fantastic giving clear explanation on how to do everything and demonstrating how to create an app effectively, all with videos. Check it out here
  • Derek Banas: Just like TheNewBoston, Derek has great videos on how to program an app, other then that he has guides on many other apps and programming languages (specially Java). Check out his channel here

Know any other guide? Video tutorials? Want to share your own tip on how you managed to create your first app? Share your story or suggestion in the comments bellow!